Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year/last year

Since my last post I have: applied to move overseas as a "traveling spouse" (obviously that didn't work out), bought, slightly renovated and moved into our unbelievably perfect new home on Greenmount, developed new biology, chemistry, and statistics skills, and set up a beautiful new studio. I am currently in the Nursing track at CCBC. What a surprise. I love Biology, Chemistry, and really enjoyed Statistics. I am a full time student and will be applying to programs in the next few months.

I am overwhelmed by my circumstances. The gift of learning, the gift of existing in a beautiful space, loving and amazing friends, an extraordinary husband. This past year has been a year of immense growth of which I am so thankful for.

Here are a few pics of my life and work that have been squeezed out along the way.

my lush backyard... more house pics to come. looking forward to some serious gardening.. beekeeping? and who know! p.s. we have Great new neighbors!